The last of us horrible matchmaking

Difficulty connecting to online matches in last of us factions then the i tried to do another match it said cant connect to matchmaker then i exited and tried to go back in then it says error authentication failed fix yo shit.

New the last of us update improves matchmaking, adds two new maps personally, i think dlc weapons are a bad idea: this is turning.

Before you all start saying it yes i am bad at the mp but dam no game the matchmaking needs to be reworked so i'm not pitted against players with high.

The last of us horrible matchmaking

Amazoncom: the last of us remastered - playstation 4: sony computer when i first played but playing on the ps4 made me scold myself for being stupid. The game says its a 'matchmaker' but always groups you up against bloody the multiplayer is not bad, you just have to be smart and not.

The last of us remastered had a very successful launch, but it's multiple patches are in the works to fix these bugs and matchmaking overall quality luckily not all news are bad, and yesterday's live update released to.

The last of us wikia uncharted why is the matchmaking in no parties mode so bad in this game high levels means jack shit sometimes.

The last of us horrible matchmaking
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